Domani Consulting

Domani Consulting, Inc. is a private, full service compliance firm offering a variety of services that benefit owners and developers.  Domani Consulting was created in 2004, and we have continued to see an increased demand for our work and services; with numerous repeat clients throughout the years since we opened.  As a leader in understanding the developments in the NYC Building Code and its protocols, and with qualified staff to meet the needs of our clients, Domani Consulting has proved throughout the years how effectively we can work with our clients.  We pride ourselves on understanding your project, our role in the project, and how we can best assist you in meeting your goals.

Domani Consulting a full service organization, and can provide all compliance services from the filing and approval of plans to the signoff of D14 applications, to obtaining TCO / C of O  for Alt 1 or New Building applications. We work with the DOB, DOT, FDNY, LANDMARK and all goverment agencies to meet regulations.

Our organization, as well as our employees, has a full comprehension of the building code and zoning regulations. In conjunction with Domani Technical & Design Services, our architecture & engineering component, plans can be prepared with engineering and architectural services provided in conjunction with other design professionals or contractors. Our Professional Engineers or Registered Architects as the applicant will ensure a code conforming design that will foster the concept of “contractor design” (shop drawings) that now is required to be permitted, inspected and signed off.

Compliance Services available:
Pre-construction services such as code review and pre consideration services.
Prepare all paperwork and obtains signatures for NBs, Alt 1, Alt 2, and Alt 3s for DOB filing process

Permits (DOB, DOT, etc.)
Project management & coordinatlion with all government agencies
Violation review & resolvement (ECB, DOB, FDNY, etc.)
Directive 14 Self Certification
Handle “specialty filings” such as plumbing, sprinkler, boiler, and Fire Department for licensed contractors
Specializes in ancillary agency work such as DEP Sewer Connection & TAP letters; DOT logistics, MCUC and permits; Landmarks Certificate of No Effect; Certificate of Appropriateness; Fire Department, Fire Alarm and Fire Safety Plan Approval
C of O and TCO process—coordinates signoffs and inspections for TCO as well as bringing TCO to the impossible C of O
Tenant Protection Plans
Any temporary construction plans (ie. egress, protection, lobby, etc.)
Pre-construction surveys

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